Maybe I misremember

Maybe I misremember.

I guess it could have been the vendor driver, I dunno.

Perhaps a joke using panloader to change the renderer string?

Hmm maybe not then, because vendor drivers don't give artefacts like that.

Not most of the time, anyway. Not unless someone messed up LPDDR4X initialisation code.

(Note that wlroots doesn't call eglBindWaylandDisplayWL, which I use to start exposing the mali_buffer_sharing protocol, so it is impossible for applications to use the blob when running on Sway. All but the last of these screenshots are from Sway.)


A note to upstream: I'm still confused about what's going on, and it seems that users are too. When Christmas comes with its presents, are users going to be even more confused from having to choose between three drivers?

It'd be nice to work out some way to end this fragmentation, and to have peace again. I seem to be powerless here, so until something happens I can only complain and (constantly) be worried. I still don't even know whether this all happened because of a misinterpretation or not, so I will not attempt to comment on anything specific of what I did.

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